Sunday, August 30, 2009

"Readorned and Remembered"

I love the act of "adorning" things. My jewelry website is appropriately named "Artistic Adornments". If you look at some of my designs, you will see that I have repurposed antique, vintage jewely in some of my pieces. I called this "Readorned and Remembered". How many of us have old, yet beautiful jewelry that was handed down to us from our mothers, grandmothers, great aunts etc. that although they are sentimental and lovely, they just are not up to date, so to speak? It's so interesting and fun to take these pieces and turn them into something that can be worn today with pride. This way, the jewelry can still be treasured and the memory attached to the piece(s) can be maintained. I frequent local antique stores and markets to browse for these vintage type jewels. Today was an absolutely gorgeous day, and I went treasure hunting for some inspiration. And was I oh so lucky! I found some reasonably priced vintage earrings, 3 pair, that I cannot wait to readorn!! They are so romantic and elegant; the type pieces that lend themselves to the bridal genre or special occasion category. I cannot wait to see what creations result from these lovely finds. Perhaps you will begin thinking about things you can have "Readorned and Remembered"!

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