Saturday, May 29, 2010


"Spontaneity is the quality of being able to do something just because you feel like it at the moment, of trusting your instincts, of taking yourself by surprise and snatching from the clutches of your well-organized routine a bit of unscheduled pleasure".
~Richard Iannelli 

The definition of spontaneous is "happening or arising without apparent external cause; self-generated.  Arising from a natural inclination or impulse and not from external incitement or constraint"I find that my most passionate and creative work results when I least expect it to occur.  I get this fire, this drive sometimes that I cannot explain, but I've learned to just go with it and allow my creative juices to flow.  When I surrender to this incredible inner hunger, I could create for hours, and ideas just flow freely.  There are times when I feel pressure to create, and I'm learning that forceful creativity is not creativity at all.  Anything I touch when I'm not inspired, tired or bored just doesn't have the same light and sparkle as my spontaneous work.  

Last week, the weather was absolutely perfect here in Illinois.  I was outside, soaking up the beautiful sun, spending time with my gorgeous dog, when I had this urge, out of nowhere, to work with some beautiful artwork I had acquired months earlier.  I finally envisioned a way to incorporate it into my jewelry, and these pendants are the result of my letting go, and "doing something just because I felt like it at the moment".  

May I present my Spontaneous Collection...

I haven't named them yet - I'm awaiting another brilliant moment of unsolicited creativity to manifest!

In the meantime, may I present the most spontaneous little fellow I know, before and after his summer haircut.  LOVE this little guy!



And just tired of me taking his picture!

May your week be filled with passionate and spontaneous creativity :-)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Full Moon Magic

Thursday, May 27th 
A new opportunity for cleansing and clearing your life will present itself...
a beautiful full moon, in all her glorious spender, 
will once again shine in the night sky.  

Do you have things in your life that are prohibiting your spiritual and creative growth?  Are there troublesome elements that you would like to clear from your being? Do you desire to release negativity and purge your spiritual life?  If so, a full moon is the perfect time to symbolically "let go" of all that troubles you and move forward in a positive new direction.  I've always enjoyed the magic and beauty of rituals and the energy that surrounds them.  Churches always have beautiful rituals, various cultures have rituals they have practiced for centuries and each of us have our own little personal and sometimes private ritualistic ceremonies.  For me, the full moon provides the perfect opportunity to channel my energy into hope, light, peace, forgiveness and love.  You can enjoy your little release ceremony with others, or entirely alone.  There are several options, and only you can decide which ritual works best for you.  You may choose to write down what you wish to release, then cast it into flames.  Water is also a powerful spiritual element that symbolizes cleansing and elimination of negativity.   

Whatever full moon ritual you decide to pursue, keep your heart OPEN to good, and ALLOW the light, beauty and abundance to penetrate your life.  
FOCUS on creativity, positivity and love...
always remember LOVE.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

For The Love of Jewelry!

I adore jewelry.  I make jewelry; I collect jewelry; I search for unique, sparkling and one-of-a kind jewelry.  For me, it's all about the jewelry (and an occasional handbag and shoes for added elegance :-)  As a result of my passion for this marvelous accessory, I have fun looking for new and different items to add to my a) current collection or b) my "gift" list.  Most of these OOAK items are usually vintage pieces that I'm fortunate enough to find at an antique shop or estate sale.  However, because of this incredible tool of networking, I'm finding more and more beautiful and artistic pieces that I desire to add to my jewelry wardrobe.  

Due to the absolute breathtaking beauty and intricate detail of my most recent jewelry find, I must share with you, my faithful blog followers.  Doesn't this simply take your breath away.....


Don't these just make you week in the knees?


I can't contain my joy - look at these beautiful rings...


The artist is Lorianne Jantti and her lovely jewelry company is Plumvine.

Her jewelry is "created entirely by hand (by Lorianne) from resin clay which is meticulously sculpted and embellished with a wide variety of of finds of mostly vintage origin". 

Her work is available on ETSY, and here's my newest jewelry collection additon:


LOVE it and can't wait to receive it.  
Visit Plumvine's website and browse through her gallery.
You will be astounded and amazed. 

I located Plumvine via another fun and whimsical blog, 
"Folk and Fairy", by artist Elva Undine.  
Such a wonderful new space to visit.  
I encourage you to visit Folk and Fairy today for some magical and fairy fun!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Where Do You Find Solace?

Solace - something that gives comfort or consolation.

Where do you find solace?  Where do you feel safe, comforted and supported?  Is it in the privacy of your home?  Is it in a library filled with all kinds of yummy books?  Is it in the corner of you favorite coffee shop?  Maybe it's in your creative space; that special space that allows you to release all your fears, and inhibitions and simply create whatever your heart desires.  I find harmony and solace within nature, spending time with my beautiful dog, special moments with my husband and family and I always find solace in creating. That process of letting go of the worries of the day, focusing on being in the moment and ALLOWING (that's one of the most important steps) the juices to flow without harsh critique or unnecessary self doubt.  

Today, I hope you enjoy your moments and places of solace, 
whether it be taking a walk in nature, 
having a splendid cup of tea, 
enjoying a long, hot bath, 
making something new 
or reading a wonderful blog post, 
as I'm fortunate to do with so many of you!

This little ladybug was the inspiration for my post today!  
I couldn't help but think about how she has truly found 
her little private place of solace 
within her vast surroundings!  
So cute...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My First Giveaway!

Blogging is relatively new to me and it's definitely a creative and therapeutic outlet I enjoy immensely.  Because I enjoy sharing and networking with those of you who share similar interests, I want to invite more readers along for the experience.  To make it a little more exciting and fun, I'm going to embark on my first blog giveaway!  That's right - one lucky winner will have an opportunity to win these colorful and whimsical earrings just by participating in my giveaway activity!

These little gifts are approximately 1 1/2" in length and feature beautiful aqua Czech glass beads captured in ornate filigree bead caps.  Lovely brass leaf detail and flower pierced posts.  Perfect for those lazy, breezy days of summer!

To enter this giveaway, I invite you to visit my Artistic Adornments website, and leave a comment below detailing your favorite item.  For more ways to win, you may also do any of the following entry items.  Each action item below will result in additional giveaway entries:
  • Subscribe to my blog via RSS Feed/Reader
  • Follow me on Facebook and let me know!
  • Blog about this giveaway and let me know the address so I view it
  • Add my link to your blog/site - be sure to leave the address so I can find it
  • Email two or more people about this giveaway and invite them to follow my blog.  CC me at 
That's it!  The contest begins today, May 12th, and will end June 1st, 2010The lucky winner will be announced by June 5th, 2010.  Open to all US residents.  All participants will be entered into a drawing that will take place after June 1st.  Winner will be notified promptly after drawing.  I'd like to thank you all, in advance, for your support and participation.  Good luck!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Works In Progress

When I think about life and all the many different phases and transformations we experience as we learn and grow, I realize that almost everything is a work in progress.  Our desires to move forward and achieve more, create more and accomplish more are proof of our innate abilities to continue working on what makes up happy and satisfied.  Although there are some days that do not feel as if we are working towards anything, underneath that blanket of doubt and self criticism is a mountain of hope, drive and success.  Don't give up on what makes you tingle inside.  When you feel tired, rest for a while, but do not abandon your goals.  Persistence will ulitimately reward you in a myriad of ways! Speaking of works in progress, I picked up some stained glass scraps from my local supplier the other day.  I've been working on a couple of soldered pieces, along with a new crystal pendant that is quickly becoming my favorite.  They are not finished yet, but it makes me happy to progress with the new designs.  Oh, look at the fantastic vintage key I coupled with an antique shoe clip - this one is going to make a beautiful, unique pendant!  I love creating...and I love being able to share with all of you who find it interesting.  Thank you for your continued support and kind comments.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Beautiful, Beautiful Butterfly

Butterflies are one of my very favorite things; not as much as dragonflies, however, I hold a special place in my heart for them because they remind me of my mother.  She is often surrounded by them.  I often look for symbols and signs within nature for guidance, clarity and meaning.  In Native American Spirituality, animals are held in the highest regard and are called "totems".  A totem is anything in nature one may connect with for guidance and wisdom.  A butterfly totem is symbolic of transformation, joy, healing and reflective of the many stages we experience in life.  When a butterfly graces us with her presence, we cannot help but relax and take in the wonder and beauty she possesses.  And the spectacular array of colors!  So the next time you see a butterfly, remember to think about your life, where you may be at the moment, and how you will most certainly continue to transition into more beauty, color and creativity.  

This post is dedicated to my beautiful and loving mother who possesses all the magic and wonderment of a butterfly!  
I Love You, Mom - Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Moon Magic!


LOOK at this beautiful crescent moon pin I recently found during one of my vintage treasure hunts!  I absolutely adore it!  I've always had an affinity for the moon and all its many mesmerizing phases.  Did you know that the crescent moon is also known as Luna?  This phase of the moon is a sign of fertility, related to life and death.  The moon is a very powerful spiritual symbol - it pinpoints changing seasons and impacts the ebb and flow of the tides. When the Moon appears to be “growing” (waxing) it is the best time to undertake actions that will add more abundance to your life. When the Moon appears to be “lessening” (waning) it is the time to release and do an overall cleansing and clearing in your life. The New Moon is also known as the "Dark Moon" and is a great time for releasing negativity and stress.  The Full Moon, however, is the best time to focus on all your desires.  The next full moon will be May 27th; a perfect time to allow abundance in all phases of your life...