Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Key to Creativity

"Creativity: a mental and social process involving the generation of new ideas or concepts, or new associations of the creative mind between existing ideas or concepts". I love the process of creating something new that begins with just an idea then materializes into something tangible and real. Somedays, it's very easy to engage the process; however, some days require a little more work and thought to get the creative juices flowing. I have found that I encounter most of my creative blocks when I am thinking too hard about an idea, and in essence try to force thoughts instead of allowing them. One of the most successful keys to creativity is to just open up and let go! Instead of holding fast to rigid ideas, let your mind go free to wonder and imagine. There are absolutely no limits when you approach your work in this manner, and you may be surprised at what comes to you in these uninhibited moments. Don't judge your thoughts, embrace them. Don't compare your ideas; use them as an opportunity to become better and better at what you create! The key to creativity....ALLOW! (PS - this lovely key pin is going to made into a necklace which I totally plan on keeping! It's a Kramer of New York. Kramer was a leader in making fine costume jewelry in the 1940's. It's in excellent condition, and I got it for a steal!! LOVE when this happens).

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vintage Shoe Clips

While browsing through my favorite antique shop, I stumbled across some items that were beautiful, ornate and perfect for repurposing. But what were these lovely items? I knew they were not earrings or brooches, but they had served some purpose years ago. After carefully selecting my choices, I inquired with the antique specialist for more education regarding these pieces. "Vintage shoe clips". How fun and exciting! I've always had an affinity for antique jewelry, but never knew about shoe clips. I can't wait to experiment with these great items to create something new and whimsical! Stay tuned for end results.

Monday, September 14, 2009

I've been working on a special "locket" project for the last few weeks, and I'm so excited because the necklace is finally complete! The first step in this process was to locate the perfect vintage locket. Per the request of the customer, it had to be large, unique and very heavy duty. I was excited to receive this job because I love vintage lockets. My problem with using them for my jewelry designs is that I usually want to hold onto them instead of actually passing them along. For this project, however, keeping the necklace is not an option. After several weeks of searching, I did find the perfect locket! While searching for the special piece, I also found a lovely vintage brooch with the most beautiful blue crystal stones. And guess what...I was inspired to make another necklace! I really do want to keep this one, but I did post it to my retail site. Lisa's locket is now complete, but so is Moody Blues! Inspiriation and creativity flow hand in hand. When looking for a particular item, always keep your eyes open for other possible great finds. Two for the price of one...well, kind of!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Apples To Oranges

I thoroughly enjoy making jewelry. I love having creative outlets, and jewelry design provides me with a wonderful opportunity to express myself individually. There are several people out there - artists, writers, composers, bakers, homemakers, etc. who embrace their abilities to create something out of nothing. Sometimes, though, it's easy to lose track of individuality and compare ourselves to others. With a huge world full of blessed and talented creators, all who possess varied skills and expertise, it can be difficult for us to focus on what we have to offer without harsh self criticism. This judgment usually shows up when we have critiqued our beautiful creations because they don't look like someone else's, they were a new concept or someone just didn't like them.

While making my jewelry, I decided early on to be kind to myself and refrain from comparisons. I love looking at other designers' creations from a place of admiration and appreciation, but I refuse to look at them from a place of jealously, envy or self devaluation. Being able to step back and know that my work is just that...mine. My vision, my plan, my creation. It's a fact that not everyone will love my earrings or necklaces; it's also a fact that many will absolutely adore them. And that's where I choose to apply my focus.

I love both apples and oranges. I enjoy the fact that they are each unique in texture, color and taste. Although they are both nutritious and healthy, they offer different vitamins, minerals and caloric intake! We are all like apples and oranges. So if you are an apple, you will never look like an orange...but you are just as important, unique and juicy :-)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Pendants Are Here!

I told you they were coming...and they are finally ready to share! Beautiful, new pendants with unique vintage art and a couple of stained glass pieces with antique repurposed jewelry incorporated! I really had fun making these necklaces, especially seeing the stained glass and vintage jewelry come together. You continually need to try new things to become better at your craft, at least that is the case with me. These pendants will be available for purchase soon on my website, so check back within a few days for listings (

I just started a new job, so I begin the excercise of delicately balancing family, creative time and work. Please wish me luck with that endeavor. It's important to make absolutely certain that all those things stay on an even footing, otherwise, it's easy to suffer from burnout. Worse yet, you may end up neglecting your most enjoyable outlets. I'm determined not to let that happen and to continue on this wonderful path of creating and sharing!