Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Key to Creativity

"Creativity: a mental and social process involving the generation of new ideas or concepts, or new associations of the creative mind between existing ideas or concepts". I love the process of creating something new that begins with just an idea then materializes into something tangible and real. Somedays, it's very easy to engage the process; however, some days require a little more work and thought to get the creative juices flowing. I have found that I encounter most of my creative blocks when I am thinking too hard about an idea, and in essence try to force thoughts instead of allowing them. One of the most successful keys to creativity is to just open up and let go! Instead of holding fast to rigid ideas, let your mind go free to wonder and imagine. There are absolutely no limits when you approach your work in this manner, and you may be surprised at what comes to you in these uninhibited moments. Don't judge your thoughts, embrace them. Don't compare your ideas; use them as an opportunity to become better and better at what you create! The key to creativity....ALLOW! (PS - this lovely key pin is going to made into a necklace which I totally plan on keeping! It's a Kramer of New York. Kramer was a leader in making fine costume jewelry in the 1940's. It's in excellent condition, and I got it for a steal!! LOVE when this happens).


Anonymous said...

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Sheila Correia said...

Micah: Thank you, so much, for your kind words! I'm a little embarrased - I recently started a new job and haven't been spending a tremendous amount of time on my blog. I do hope you follow! I looked at your site and you have some beautiful items. Take care, and thank you again!!