Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Pendants Are Here!

I told you they were coming...and they are finally ready to share! Beautiful, new pendants with unique vintage art and a couple of stained glass pieces with antique repurposed jewelry incorporated! I really had fun making these necklaces, especially seeing the stained glass and vintage jewelry come together. You continually need to try new things to become better at your craft, at least that is the case with me. These pendants will be available for purchase soon on my website, so check back within a few days for listings (

I just started a new job, so I begin the excercise of delicately balancing family, creative time and work. Please wish me luck with that endeavor. It's important to make absolutely certain that all those things stay on an even footing, otherwise, it's easy to suffer from burnout. Worse yet, you may end up neglecting your most enjoyable outlets. I'm determined not to let that happen and to continue on this wonderful path of creating and sharing!

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