Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Passion for Patina

Patina (/ˈpætɨnə/ or /pəˈtnə/
is a thin layer that forms on the surface of stonecopperbronze and similar metals (tarnish produced by oxidation or other.  A sheen on wooden furniture produced by age, wear, and polishing; or any such acquired change of a surface through age and exposure. Patinas can provide a protective covering to materials that would otherwise be damaged by corrosion or weathering. They may also be aesthetically appealing.

I adore patina.  I am mesmorized by the depth and variety of color.  It's something reminiscent of times gone by; a forgotten keyhole weathered by Mother Nature; an old, worn door, beaten by the elements.  It is soft yet powerful and warm.  Old libraries, old staircases, old fences.  You can find patina everywhere.  It's so inspiriring to me.  I've researched and played until finally, I've found the perfect patina.  I adore it on jewelry, but there are so many possibilities.  Oh, imagine the possibilities..

New Vintage Moon Collection...coming soon!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Simple, Sweet Things...






This evening, I'm contemplating and appreciating the simple, sweet things in life that make me genuinely happy and content.  

My Dog makes me HAPPY!  When I see his amazingly cute and giddy face, I know he's HAPPY to see me.  The gift of his unconditional love and unending kindness is a healing balm to my soul.  He's TRUE LOVE.

My niece makes my HAPPY!  She's new to this crazy, beautiful world, and embraces her expression freely.  She's innocent, and expressive and so interested in everything.  She's an angel, and unbound by her very nature; for she's not jaded by lies or poisoned by dogma.  And she's TRUE LOVE.

RIDING makes me HAPPY.  When I was young, I had a Kawasaki dirt bike.  It was my escape.  I rode in the evening until the sun went down.  I think that's why I so enjoy evening rides now.  The beauty of the setting sun over massive fields gently blowing in the wind.  I LOVE the feeling of FREEDOM and PEACE I experience when I'm in these moments.  TRUE BLISS!

Making JEWELRY makes me HAPPY.  To be able to express myself by bringing an idea into fruition is magical.  To create something unique that's never graced this planet is really inspiring and always leave me motivated to create more.  Maybe not today, but I will ALWAYS make distinctly unique jewelry.  I LOVE that I can spend HOURS and completely lose track of time...this, my friends, is soul validation.

CREATING makes me HAPPY!!  I love photography and the ability to capture unique and precious moments in time.  The ability to play with my camera, and play with LIGHT and images in nature is therapeutic and healing.  It's all about seeing life through a different lens, literally.  Seeing the beauty in all of the amazing creations that surround me is salvation.

So this evening, I'm truly GRATEFUL for the simple, sweet things in my life.  I'm BLESSED and HAPPY and LOVED.