Sunday, May 10, 2015

Nature's Wheel

“Life is like a flowing stream; once the flow stops, our life becomes stagnant. When we remove the dams and debris we have accumulated and encourage it to flow freely, it becomes a source of sustenance and renewal and growth for us and for all with whom we share it.” 
~Tom Hackett~

With Spring and a renewed focus on what truly matters in my life, the dams are slowly but surely coming down.  This past Winter was burdensome and heavy.  I felt the cold on so many different levels.  I was actually melding with the bitterness and frigidity that Winter oftentimes brings as she invades the colorful hues of Autumn.  

Little did I know that my sweet dog was in the Autumn of his life, and as January arrived, he would quickly move into the Winter of his days.  It was painful.  Excruciating?  Agonizing?  Actually, there really are no words to adequately express  the feelings that such a tremendous loss brings with it.  If you've ever really loved something, and lost it, then you are enlightened to this heartache.  

But Nature is beautiful in her ever turning wheel, and just like the cold, harsh Midwestern Winter, the loss of Guinness was also a season in my life.  As Winter slowly retreats and gives way to the flourishing blossoms and colors of Spring, I am embracing her lesson of this loss and flow. By releasing fear and anger, and surrendering my pain, I'm feeling renewed and my creativity is slowing raising her head.  I still cry almost every day, but I know he walks beside me, and will always be with me.  And I know, without hesitation, that he guided Stout my way.  Who else would give me such a miracle, complete with a heart on  his nose?

For those of you who may be going through something similar, or equally painful, seek solace in the seasons of life.  Know that Winter always gives way to Spring...

Some new things for Spring, coming soon!  I love you all.  Thank you for being in my life!