Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cosmic Confirmation

I did not begin this year with a lofty list of resolutions; rather, I decided to go into 2013 with an open heart and mind. A goal to be mindful of small miracles that occur each day, and thoroughly enjoying those moments of magic, no matter how large or small.  Despite being mindful of these intentions and a having a grateful heart, the end of the holidays always brings with it a feeling of sadness for me.  Dismantling all the beautiful decorations, shoving them into boxes until 11 months later, and missing the overall "lack of light", both inside and outside, brings to visit a certain melancholy that can sometimes feel daunting.  But these are the moments when unexpected gifts sometimes arrive, reminding us that all is well and reiterating the need for us to focus on our gifts, our creativity and what we have to share with others.  I call these reminders "cosmic confirmations".  

I'm honored, once again, for the privilege of being published by Stampington & Company, in the 2013 January edition of Belle Amoire (The Artistry of Clothing and Accessories).  A very exciting and encouraging way to begin the new year!  My seasonal melancholy was beginning to get the best of me, and then I received my beautiful artist copy of Belle Amoire.  Once again, it was just the miracle I needed to help me shift my perception from feeling grey and blue, to realizing that sometimes, I have to create my own sunshine.  I know that they days are getting lighter and longer, the cold will soon give way to warmth, and in the meantime, I'll surround myself with the comfort of friends, family and the magical gift of creativity!  A sneak peak as some new items for 2013...