Saturday, November 26, 2011

To Kali...

"The greatest masterpieces were once only pigments on a palette."
~Henry Hoskins~

I love the creative process.  It all begins with an idea.  It could be a simple thought or the elaborate daydream of manifesting something only you, the creator, can visualize.  For me, creating jewelry is  my main artistic medium and thoroughly fulfills my innate creative muse.  Recently, when working on  the copper pendant below, affectionally named "Kali", after the Goddess of Transformation, I had an, whatever the medium, is so symbolic of life.  Okay, I know, it's been said before, but it was the first time I truly embraced this comparison.  I worked on Kali, shaping her, bending her.  I hammered her, heated her, dowsed her.  There were times along her creative path that were ugly and uncomfortable, when I felt like discarding Kali and starting over.  But I didn't give up.  I continued working on her until she was complete.  And in her completion, she is still not perfect, for her slight imperfections and roughness make her completely unique and beautiful.  

I am Kali.  I have been shaped and formed, yes, I've been hammered, bent and put through the fire.  But all these things, even the unpleasant and unsightly experiences in my life have formed and shaped the individual I am today.  And I am happy with that.  No, I am not perfect and I am a little rough around the edges, but I'm on a continual path of transformation and growth. I encourage you today to embrace the changes that come your way. For it is only through the forging circumstances of life that we become stronger and more unique individuals, contributing to this amazing universe.

To Kali... 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Creative Blocks


"Smash creative blocks. Change the problem or sneak up on it from a different direction. Try something fresh - a new way with an old theme, a different point of view, unusual tool". 
~Nita Leland~

So what causes them and how does one "overcome" them??  I've been thinking a lot lately about creative blocks and obstacles, primarily because from time to time (more often than I like to admit), they creep into my mind and simply do not want to vacate my right-brain.  I've read articles and blogs, all of which offer varying solutions to battling and overcoming blocks.  Perhaps the best advice I've received is from my dear friend and talented jewelry artistan Leanne Emory of Triskele Moon Studios.  She says, "The best thing to do for myself is to walk away from the studio for however long it takes..typically, that will be the time that I look at other outlets of creativity (looking at other types of art besides jewelry, reading, journaling)".  Great advice!  And now I'm going to follow it...

Two years ago, I received a beautiful acoustic guitar for Christmas; a lovely and thoughtful gift (which I had placed on my wish list).  Guess what?  Two years later, this amazing instrument is in my closet; a sad, sad place for music to hide.  So to mix up my creative outlets and get some different types of juices flowing, I finally signed up for lessons! This doesn't mean I won't be working on my jewelry; contrarily, I feel confident this new path of self expression will open up my soul to even more unique creative abilities.  

Thanks to Leanne for this great advice; it was just what I needed to get out of my rut.  I'm already feeling like making something new!  

Wishing you all a beautiful week filled with lots of love, magic
and creativity! 
(sans any creative blocks!)