Monday, January 17, 2011

Continue Creating

For those of you who enjoy the creative process, you know that it never really ends.  It may feel as if your creative juices are sometimes blocked or you may even feel a little burned out at times.  But eventually, you will see something that sparks a little flame that ultimately turns into this passion that is uncontrollable.  You seek out resources.  You read and absorb every little bit of information you can dig up on your new found object of affection.  You consult and drive your friends and significant others crazy with your renewed obsession (yes, I'm speaking of my husband :-).  However, this beautiful path of creativity is one that leads to intrinsic design and the process that is closest to spirit.

For me, I'm constantly looking for news ways to enhance my jewelry designs.  I want to become better, more unique.  I have all these ideas, all these beautiful things in my mind that haven't manifested into reality yet.  For they are only a thought at this point, but given the appropriate mediums and tools, I have no doubts that my creations can and will become reality.  Soldering is my first love and has enabled me to make some truly unique pieces.  But I want more...and my next endeavor is to master working with precious metal clay (PMC).  This medium is absolutely incredible and rather than go into detail of exactly how it works, I'll just share a few pics of some incredible PMC artists who inspire me.  You can then let me know what you think!

Artist Lorena Angulo 
Her work is absolutely incredible!

Stunning...need I say more?!?

Now you know why I'm so excited to begin this particular journey!  I'll keep you updated.  Wishing you all a wonderful day.  It's snowing here in Algonquin, so I'm enjoying a cozy day at home with my dog and a cup of tea.  Hope you can do the same.