Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Apples To Oranges

I thoroughly enjoy making jewelry. I love having creative outlets, and jewelry design provides me with a wonderful opportunity to express myself individually. There are several people out there - artists, writers, composers, bakers, homemakers, etc. who embrace their abilities to create something out of nothing. Sometimes, though, it's easy to lose track of individuality and compare ourselves to others. With a huge world full of blessed and talented creators, all who possess varied skills and expertise, it can be difficult for us to focus on what we have to offer without harsh self criticism. This judgment usually shows up when we have critiqued our beautiful creations because they don't look like someone else's, they were a new concept or someone just didn't like them.

While making my jewelry, I decided early on to be kind to myself and refrain from comparisons. I love looking at other designers' creations from a place of admiration and appreciation, but I refuse to look at them from a place of jealously, envy or self devaluation. Being able to step back and know that my work is just that...mine. My vision, my plan, my creation. It's a fact that not everyone will love my earrings or necklaces; it's also a fact that many will absolutely adore them. And that's where I choose to apply my focus.

I love both apples and oranges. I enjoy the fact that they are each unique in texture, color and taste. Although they are both nutritious and healthy, they offer different vitamins, minerals and caloric intake! We are all like apples and oranges. So if you are an apple, you will never look like an orange...but you are just as important, unique and juicy :-)

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