Sunday, May 23, 2010

For The Love of Jewelry!

I adore jewelry.  I make jewelry; I collect jewelry; I search for unique, sparkling and one-of-a kind jewelry.  For me, it's all about the jewelry (and an occasional handbag and shoes for added elegance :-)  As a result of my passion for this marvelous accessory, I have fun looking for new and different items to add to my a) current collection or b) my "gift" list.  Most of these OOAK items are usually vintage pieces that I'm fortunate enough to find at an antique shop or estate sale.  However, because of this incredible tool of networking, I'm finding more and more beautiful and artistic pieces that I desire to add to my jewelry wardrobe.  

Due to the absolute breathtaking beauty and intricate detail of my most recent jewelry find, I must share with you, my faithful blog followers.  Doesn't this simply take your breath away.....


Don't these just make you week in the knees?


I can't contain my joy - look at these beautiful rings...


The artist is Lorianne Jantti and her lovely jewelry company is Plumvine.

Her jewelry is "created entirely by hand (by Lorianne) from resin clay which is meticulously sculpted and embellished with a wide variety of of finds of mostly vintage origin". 

Her work is available on ETSY, and here's my newest jewelry collection additon:


LOVE it and can't wait to receive it.  
Visit Plumvine's website and browse through her gallery.
You will be astounded and amazed. 

I located Plumvine via another fun and whimsical blog, 
"Folk and Fairy", by artist Elva Undine.  
Such a wonderful new space to visit.  
I encourage you to visit Folk and Fairy today for some magical and fairy fun!


Kiki said...

Hi Sheila..what a lovely magical is wonderful you have such an inspired passion in your heart for jewelery! Fabulous..! thanks for these lovely gorgeous! FUn!! yay! Have a sparkling day!

Anonymous said...

You are right , i am a fan of the work of Lorianne , it is absolutely a dream ... Thanks to share this dream with us !!!



Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

I believe she is the most talented clay jewelry artist I have ever seen and is one of the kindest and most generous in this world. You will adore anything she makes. Blessings, Amy