Thursday, May 6, 2010

Beautiful, Beautiful Butterfly

Butterflies are one of my very favorite things; not as much as dragonflies, however, I hold a special place in my heart for them because they remind me of my mother.  She is often surrounded by them.  I often look for symbols and signs within nature for guidance, clarity and meaning.  In Native American Spirituality, animals are held in the highest regard and are called "totems".  A totem is anything in nature one may connect with for guidance and wisdom.  A butterfly totem is symbolic of transformation, joy, healing and reflective of the many stages we experience in life.  When a butterfly graces us with her presence, we cannot help but relax and take in the wonder and beauty she possesses.  And the spectacular array of colors!  So the next time you see a butterfly, remember to think about your life, where you may be at the moment, and how you will most certainly continue to transition into more beauty, color and creativity.  

This post is dedicated to my beautiful and loving mother who possesses all the magic and wonderment of a butterfly!  
I Love You, Mom - Happy Mother's Day!


avalonrosedesign said...

Beautiful! I love butterflies too! Thanks for sharing these.

Kiki said...

Beautiful post..and beautiful butterflies!