Saturday, May 8, 2010

Works In Progress

When I think about life and all the many different phases and transformations we experience as we learn and grow, I realize that almost everything is a work in progress.  Our desires to move forward and achieve more, create more and accomplish more are proof of our innate abilities to continue working on what makes up happy and satisfied.  Although there are some days that do not feel as if we are working towards anything, underneath that blanket of doubt and self criticism is a mountain of hope, drive and success.  Don't give up on what makes you tingle inside.  When you feel tired, rest for a while, but do not abandon your goals.  Persistence will ulitimately reward you in a myriad of ways! Speaking of works in progress, I picked up some stained glass scraps from my local supplier the other day.  I've been working on a couple of soldered pieces, along with a new crystal pendant that is quickly becoming my favorite.  They are not finished yet, but it makes me happy to progress with the new designs.  Oh, look at the fantastic vintage key I coupled with an antique shoe clip - this one is going to make a beautiful, unique pendant!  I love creating...and I love being able to share with all of you who find it interesting.  Thank you for your continued support and kind comments.


Kiki said...

These are all the crystal and dragonfly..magical! Wonderful and inspiring creations!! Awesome!!

La Doña Jenny said...

Nice! I really like how you use solder - which I am trying to learn how to do. Great work.

La Doña Boutique

Lovey said...

Oh wow...these are beautiful as are your words my friend.

Esther said...

sheila!! thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.. i've found you too!! You are a Fairy!!! a vintage fairy!! i'm in love with all your pieces!! butterflies, dragonflies, birds, brass, flowers.. wow!! magnifique!!!