Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Pendants On the Way!

Even though I have a tremendous amount of inventory in my shop, I cannot help but to continue creating new things! I love the process of starting out with an idea and seeing it come to full fruition. I look for inspiring and unique artwork, look for new approaches and ideas, and finally decide on some new creations. I just found some beautiful, new artwork from one of my digital collage contacts, ArtCult. Her approach is varied and dimensional. There's no one else out there with her unique style. She utilizes vintage art and, much like the style of my jewelry, makes it into something modern and "now", marrying the old with the new.
Another new approach I'm excited to see materialize: the use of some beautiful stained glass pieces I plan to solder into pendants. The colors I've chosen to use are absolutely stunning and will compliment a variety of backgrounds. I love soldering photo/pic pendants, but being able to step beyond the usual material suspects into a new arena is gratifying. It's evidence of creative spirit in action! Please check back soon for pics of my new pieces, just in time for Fall! (PS, I'm also working on finishing up some really cute "sexy witches" Halloween pendants that are not your average holiday jewelry).


The Mistress of the Manor said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, Crushed Velvet & Roses and for the lovely comment!! I am so in love with your designs! Am also on Creative Souls ;)

Looking forward to seeing more of your work - it's stunning.

btw, the "Arsenic Hour" is my blog about my kidlets and their mostly naughty

Artistic Adornments said...

I'm so excited we connected! Thanks for your kind words and I'll definitely check out your other blog. Sounds fun! S