Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

What an incredibly hot day! And I took full advantage of the opportunity to stay indoors and relax. I took a day off from my office redecoration project (and no, I didn't even shop online), nor did I work on my website or my jewelry, for that matter. Today was about resting and spending time with my hubby and pup. R&R is so important; we get so immersed in our daily, busy lives that sometimes we forget to just "disconnect" with the outer and "reconnect" with the inner. I practice meditation for this reconnection purpose and several other reasons. It's a practice that allows me to truly let go and just allow my thoughts to flow, which is where I firmly believe some of my creativity evolves. One of my favorite meditations is by internationally acclaimed author and meditation guide Kelly Howell. She utilizes brain wave therapy, which uses subliminal messages to help improve various aspects of one's life. My favorite Kelly Howell meditation is Fulfill Your Heart's Desire, which focuses on "increasing your attracting force, gaining clarity of intention, accelerating manifestation and generating states of joy and well being". I am a firm believe that it works. If you have an iPod, just search for Kelly Howell. She has several items you can download. I highly encourage it. Now I'm off to bed to meditate - good night, all!

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