Wednesday, August 5, 2009


My first blog posting! I'm very excited and optimistic about this venture. I'm just discovering that some of the things I love the most, like writing, art, creativity, connecting, and photography can all be achieved within a blog. This is a journey for me - a path to spirit, if you would. Although I've always enjoyed my creativity in various outlets, lately, I feel as if I'm awakening for the first time, truly listening to that small voice inside. It gently prods me to try new things, it encourages me to feel confident with my artistic abilities, and it supports me as I explore.

I welcome you to share this journey with me. I promise I will share positive, fun things. I love jewelry; I'm a designer and have a small web business. No doubt, I'll share new creations with you. I LOVE my dog, so you'll see and read tons about his antics. I'm a wife, daughter and sister, so my family will definitely be part of the story (especially my crazy Irish husband!) I have a passion for cosmetics and fragrances, so I'll share new finding and loves with you. If I have or find a great idea, I will absolutely share it!

So here we go! I'm so glad your along for the trip. Thank you, in advance, for your support! It's going to be fun...


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