Monday, August 10, 2009

Redesign Recommittment

Happy Monday! So it's been another exceptionally hot day, and once again,I took advantage of the indoor time. Yesterday was a day of rest; today I recommitted to my office redesign project. One of the challenges I have with my office space is organization of my jewelry. I maintain inventory in my home, and I'm constantly working on new things, so I have sparkling "things" everywhere. I appreciate my jewelry, and envisioned the possibility of somehow incorporating it into the overall design. After brainstorming and researching ideas, I decided on the picture frame idea approach provided by Lisa Bluhm. It's similar to utilizing a basic corkboard to display your items, but I was oh so fortunate to find some beautiful and decorative memory board frames at my local Homegoods store. To take it a step further, I going to actually hang the frames on beautiful wrought iron hangers I also found at Homegoods. I love this store! I always find something, and the prices are so reasonable. The best thing about this idea is that my necklaces are now easy to access when I receive an order, they are organized and they work beautifully in the new decor motif!

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