Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dont' Lose Your Muchness

I had the pleasure this weekend of disconnecting from this reality for a while to enter the magical "Wonderland" that belongs to Alice Kingsley! For the many Alice in Wonderland fans out there, you almost certainly remember when the Mad Hatter reveals to Alice that she has "lost her muchness".  I'm not sure how you felt when you heard these words, but it almost took my breath away.  I think I'm definitely part of a huge collective that experienced an epiphany when those words were shared with the hesitant Alice.  I made a commitment at that very moment that I would do whatever it takes to maintain my muchness.  

Think about it for a while - what is your muchness?  

What is it that makes you special, that gives you the spark and determination to spread your wings and continue on a path that is less traveled, when those around you do not agree, support or understand you?  

What drives you to create, to abandon all preconceived expectations and try something new?  What innately leads you to explore uncharted territories, climb higher mountains and continue going the distance, time after time?

It's your muchness, my dears, and it belongs to  you and only you.  Only you have the power and ability to define it, nourish it and above all respect and cherish it.  My hat is off to all of you and your lovely muchness!


Jessica Moreau Berry said...

mmmm.... definetly something to sit and ponder in the middle of much craziness these days! Just the little boost I needed!!!

PS... I LOVE the background design of your blog... that little metal flower... YUMM!

Will be back soon! ~Jes

Jessica Moreau Berry said...

it's me again.... let me know when you make your chandelier-crystal-necklace (holy crap that's a mouthfull!) lol....

seriously, i'd love to post about it if you do!