Friday, March 5, 2010

Beauty and Money


I'm so excited!  One of my favorite publications and where I find a tremendous amount of inspiration is "Belle Armoire Jewelry", which features artisan jewelry made from a variety of talented artists and techniques.  Although I certainly don't try everything included in each issue, I take away bits and pieces for my custom jewelry design.  Several months ago, I acquired some beautiful crystal prisms from an antique chandelier.  I have held onto them with the certainty that some day, I would find the perfect use for them and now I have!  Stay tuned for my preliminary experiment, but I will confirm that the beautiful "Money and Beauty" artwork will definitely be included in my initial designs.  Aren't these girls gorgeous?  It's so invigorating when your creative juices begin to flow and you simply cannot wait to begin a new project.  I'm confident these pieces will be some of my best and most unique to date...coming soon!

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Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Did you create these? I love them so!!! I can't wait to see them with your chandeliery light-filled touch. Thanks for coming to my little land again. Love that you noticed the dragonfly! That exemplar alphabet was in Somerset Studio magazine in the July/August issue where they did an article on my on pg. 27 and I was blessed to be in that same issue for my words on pg. 34 where my dear friend, Rena Askey's art was presented. I adore Stampington and Co. dedication to putting out for history what is glorious and current about art in our time. I stand in awe at what they do. Well, take care dear one, enough about me. I will keep in touch while not writing this week. It is good after all my posting this week to stand back and enjoy the other worlds I can visit. Blessings and light,