Sunday, March 14, 2010

Create Some Magic!

"Magic cannot be created without inspiration.  There needs to be a spark to ignite the process and intention of creating objects that hypnotize and captivate".
Cynthia Thornton, Mixed Media Artist, owner of Green Girl Studios and author of Enchanted Adornments, a step-by-step project book for creating mixed-media jewelry with metal clay, wire, resin and more.  

What inspires you?  What ignites that little spark in you that pushes you forward to create magic? I'm continually thinking about the things in my life that cultivate creativity, and it's not just one specific person, place or thing that gets me going.  It's a collaboration of several special elements - the beauty of nature; informative resources, such as the lovely book Enchanted Adornments; elegant vintage style; the support of my dear family and friends; and a vision to complete something that makes people happy and myself proud.  Along the way, every day, I have to learn to believe in myself to allow the creative process to flow freely.  I truly want my creations to "hypnotize and captivate", but in order for this to occur, I must be confident in my concepts and ideas.  Some projects are challenging, and never come to full fruition.  But those projects serve as learning opportunities to become a better artist and more seasoned student.  Other projects exceed expectations.  These are the projects, I believe, that are created with true inspiration.  So get out there and explore what lights that fire within you.  Chances are, you already know what it is; just embrace it and go create some magic for the world to enjoy!


Kiki said...

Yay..what a lovely magic flower it is! Beautitful post! One of my favorite topics..I feel being able to create freely from that internal-space is how it happens for me..I feel all magic is within..and flows out when we give it freedom to become whatever it wants to be...

That book looks beautiful and dazzling! I will have to check it out! Yay..a fabulous read and way to start the day! Thanks are a shining star to us all!

Have a creative and magical day!

Sheila said...

Thank you, Kiki! I highly recommend the book; lots of great ideas and just an overall pleasure to explore!

Andrew Thornton said...

Thanks so much for posting about my sister's book. It was a lot of work and her vision really manifested throughout the process of creating Enchanted Adornments. I loved hearing how you've thought about how inspiration comes to you and what makes you able to create. You know, Cynthia was interviewed for Beading Daily, where she gives several helpful tips and tricks on staying creative and capturing inspiration. The biggest tip I think she has to offer is always working on your ideas... by staying busy and really capturing your inspiration, you're able to build your so to speak "creative muscle". You should definitely check it out if you're interested in hearing about more of her thoughts on the subject and getting a peek at her real journal.