Thursday, April 1, 2010

Just Let It Go...


Finally, beautiful weather has arrived and I needed to get out this evening and take in some of the fresh Spring air.  I didn't take an iPod, MP3 Player or any other distraction with me.  I just wanted to be with the newness of the season - to listen to the birds and hear and feel the warm breeze.  As I continued my walk, and observed all the beauty around me, the mantra "just let it go" persisted.  I started to relax, to just "be", without expectations, needs or wants.  I visualized all the stress and anxiety leaving me, and released all my worries for the moment.  I was fortunate enough to stand for a few moments and watch a beautiful robin bathing in the pond, and again my mantra was reinforced.  I imagined this lovely robin letting go, cleansing herself , and embraced this as a message meant for me.  Closer to home, I took a detour.  Along my path, there are a few trees with large trunks that have always looked so inviting.   I've always wanted to climb down among them and just sit quietly for a few moments, and today, I did just that.  As I was in this space, thinking about the wonder of life and how simple beauty is the best beauty, when I thought about this necklace.  I've always wanted to be like these gorgeous woodland fairies, and for a moment, I felt like she must have felt, surrounded by nature, the large trees, and the magic of the moment.  It wasn't until I arrived home and pulled her out that I noticed the small sparrow connector I utilized in the design.  I's a far stretch, but to me, this necklace will always represent this wonderful walk I experienced today and the small but meaningful symbols of the bird and the trees and the mantra "just let it go". 

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Kiki said...

Wonderfully beautiful Sheila..I love those is amazing what we welcome IN when we let go! Such a lovely post..inspiring..I so enjoy when you share from your shining heart! BEAUTIFUL!