Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finding Your Creative Muse

We are all creative beings, but let's face it; we all need a little inspiration every now and then. There are times when I become stagnant and put my creativity on autopilot, resorting to methods that are tried and true, but that do not challenge me or provide me with much needed variety. It is during these I seek a muse. A muse is a guiding spirit or goddess that is thought to inspire a poet or other artist. Muses originate from classical Greek mythology. Zeus, the sky and weather god and Mnemosyne, the Greek goddess of memory and considered one of the most powerful goddesses of her time, had nine daughters each of whom presided over song, poetry, arts and sciences. These daughters were known as muses. Now you don't have to channel the creative spirits of Calliope, Clio, Erato or Thalia, but you can find your muse in everyday surroundings. I find inspiration in the beauty of nature that surrounds me, the innocence and unbridled spirit of children and animals and the simple peace that greets me each day. The key is to become more aware of where your inspiration originates, and allow it to integrate with your creative endeavors. Sometimes, inspiration is found where and when you least expect it. Just stay aware and expect your muse to manifest. Now I'm off to do some manifestation of my own. Happy musing!

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