Thursday, July 8, 2010

In Progress: Vintage Filigree Jewelry

Current Works in Progress

I adore filigree, especially filigree jewelry!  Filigree is delicate and intricate ornamental work made from gold, silver, or other fine twisted wire.  The filigree pieces I utilize in my jewelry designs are made of brass, then coated with beautiful antique finishes in oxidized sterling silver, brass or copper.  I work primarily with brass or bronze because I feel those finishes evoke the essence of vintage style the best.  The art of filigree has been around for centuries and is an absolutely beautiful art form.  Intricate and unique, feminine and romantic, filigree findings and stampings always add a touch of elegance to my jewelry designs.  I often use them in conjunction with various vintage pieces I have in my collection.  These are just a few of my current projects in progress; check back soon for finished designs.  I'm also working on some crystal pendants that are turning out absolutely gorgeous with all that fabulous artwork mentioned in a previous post.  Have a wonderful weekend! 


Esther said...

Sheila. you are so right.; very feminine filigrees.. it's wire lace.. love those with rhinestones.. wowwwwwwwww..

Kiki said...

Sheila..I LOVE these..dazzling and gorgeous..i love vintage vibe! Just gorgeous..cant wait to see more..yay!! Love hearing about your process too..very cool!
Awesome post and photos! You rock!


Sheila, just spectacular. Thank you for sharing. Have a great Sunday.

Love Lisa


OHHHH, Thank you so much for following my blog and the lovely comment you left. Now I'm stalking you. Cheers.

Whimsy said...

Hey Sheila,
I sent you an email...let me know if you get it!!!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Hi dear one! So glad you love the art, giggling, because it is on its way to you!!! This is your cheer-you-up just because you are dear art!!! Hope you love it! Her name is Thaw for she brings the dawn of Spring and hope. Blessings friend, Amy