Sunday, July 25, 2010

I Found Her!

I had a terrific day!  First of all, to take advantage of the upcoming full moon's clearing and cleaning energy, I spend most of my day cleaning, sorting and ridding our home of things we no longer needed.  I cleaned out closets, organized drawers and had fun doing it.  I took a break to swing by Home Depot to pick up some heavy duty garbage bags, and decided to run into my local Homegood's store to pick up a shower curtain liner.  When there she beautiful shabby chic girl!  I've been wanting her for oh so long.  She makes an excellent display for my jewelry, and other "things" of interest...scarves, jackets, pins, etc.  I can't wait to adorn her with goodies!  Ask and ye shall receive!

~Wishing you all a fantastic week~
Hopefully, you have beautiful, sunny days :-)

 (He's smiling for the camera)


Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Love that clearing feeling! Hope you have a great week friend! Blessings.

Kiki said... super-gorgeous..glad you found her..she was waiting for you!! Magical!

Wonderful! and aww..Guinness is just too cute for words!
Thanks for sharing your adventure..and so cool..all that energy clearing made room for a special treasure! ENJOY!


I miss you hun, hope all is well.

Lisa xx

Jessica Moreau Berry said...

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I LOVE her!! She is just perfect for you!!!!

And the moon explains my crazy working and cleaning this past week!! I have been getting rid of old jewels in my studio and photographing new pieces. (it's paying off... making sales YEH!) I would be happy if I could carry this feeling with me forever though... how do we do that I wonder??

Anyhoo dear-friend, hope you are having a lovely summer... love the closeup shots of your baby!

xox Jes