Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Magical Spaces

Art and photography by Amy Sperry Faldet

Art and photography by Amy Sperry Faldet

I've been immersed in the wonderful world of blogging for a short time now, but it's definitely one of my very favorite things!  I've always loved writing; it's such a wonderful avenue of expression.  Blogging provides me with the opportunity to chronicle my innermost thoughts and feelings and share them with others who partake in similar interests.  It has also opened me up to so many talented and creative souls from all over the world who enjoy this incredible medium.  I find such solace and positivity in visiting these lovely places full of visually appetizing photos, art, jewelry, poetry and just about anything else you find interesting.  Although life is sometimes crazy and busy, it does my heart wonders to take a few moments out of the day, and hide away in these magical, brilliant spaces.  Life can be full of challenges, wrought with stress.  I encourage you to grab an occasional "time out" and take a virtual journey to read some poetry, appreciate some fantastic art and just share in others' creativity, a gift to us all.  One of my FAVORITE places is "Such a Wondrous Place This Faerytale Space", with musings and art by Amy Sperry Feldet.  Amy is blessed with the art of wonderment and magic!  She gives us hope with her inspirational quotes and poetry and her artwork always leaves me wanting more.  A true faerytale abode!  Take a journey to Amy's beautiful blog and connect with some light and positivity.  I also love visiting "Healing Expressions" blog and website by artist Lani Kent.  Lani's ability to communicate via her heartfelt art, poetry and healing alchemy is apparent throughout her life's work as a Therapeutic Arts Facilitator.  She offers a beautiful selection of greeting cards, framed artwork and handcrafted journal art.  Grab a cup of tea, relax and won't regret it!


Lisa West said...

I am enjoying your blog and I too am a big fan of Lani..great to have found you. Lisa

Lisa West said...

Oh, I had to come back..I see you enjoy Ilka's Attic, Susan as well. She is my friend and neighbor, a wonderful person. Blessings, Lisa

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

You complete darling!!! I was saving a visit to your place for a moment when I could actually savor a bit, and lo, there is this lovely post! Thanks dear heart, thanks. You lit the night with that special glow. Now to completely adore those pendants above!!!!! Blessings dear girl.