Thursday, August 6, 2015

When Feathers Appear

Each day, sometimes several times a day, I find feathers.  It actually feels as if they find me.  

They usually present themselves during my morning and evening walks with my dog.  

The are just there, in my path, or they peek slightly out of the grass.

Maybe I find them because I know they are there?

I choose to think feathers are magical, and symbolize beautiful things.

They are considered the calling cards for our Angels and Guides.    

  "Feathers appear when Angels are near". 

They are Validation of being on the right spiritual path.  

A reminder to lighten up, and not take life and its many challenges so seriously.  

Abundance, and unconditional love.  

This morning, while on my walk, I found my first feather in the middle of the walking path.  

I was in a moment of true gratitude when out of the sky fell a tiny, sweet little feather...!  

I was brought to tears with this ethereal and mystical gift.  

It's not every day you catch a feather falling from the sky.  

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Anonymous said...

That is a blessing for you!