Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Voice of Spirit

Sometimes, when Spirit speaks, it's very quiet and soft, like a gentle breeze.  Other times, it nudges you, a wee bit firmer, yet never rude or bothersome.  And sometimes, more often that we realize, the voice of Spirt speaks SO clearly to our hearts that it simply cannot and will not be ignored.  This is when we MUST, without hesitation, open our minds and our hearts to its call.  We know the voice, yet oftentimes, we get so busy in our daily routines that we ignore it.  But lately, I've been listening, and I must tell you, my heart is leaping!  A purpose, a calling, a's all coming together, piece by piece, bit by bit.  The ideas, the people, the "cause and effect" actions that have lifted me up recently, so much so that I've felt joy that is difficult to express.  

I urge you, this week, listen to your heart, with the intention of hearing the voice of Spirit.  What things, even seemingly insignificant, make you happy?  Is it giving someone a genuine compliment?  Is it paying for a cup of coffee for the person behind you?  Perhaps it's listening to a friend, truly listening, and walking away from the conversation knowing you've helped that person through a very difficult time.  These expectation of anything in return...this is when Spirit is most present.  And I promise, when you will RECEIVE, gifts so abundant and magical, you'll be in a state of awe and wonder.  Do things that make your heart leap, for Spirit wouldn't want it any other way!