Monday, March 25, 2013

Some Southern Sparkle...

Yes M'aam, I'm a Southern Girl!  Born and raised.  Can you ever imagine then, where I get my LOVE for sparkling, shiny and decadent jewelry?  I have such fond memories of my Grandmother, and, of course, her jewelry box.  I would spend what seemed liked hours, trying on her "aurora borealis ear bobs",  and playing with her rhinestone chains. I will hold the magic of those moments in my most treasured memories forever.  

My love for this era has translated into modern and rich jewelry that can be worn today, and for years to come.  By integrating a piece of the past, a moment of history, into my designs, my fondest memories are captured within each special piece I create.  Each time I design something new with vintage elements, I'm instantly transported back to Georgia, and once again, I'm that little girl mesmerized by my Grandmother's shiny, sparkling jewels that, in my mind, are as priceless as diamonds...and so are these memories.

May your days be filled with Southern Sparkle!

Here are some new items in the works!  I've been busy, working on the "business" side of Liby Lula, but please stay tuned!  There are so many new and exciting things on the way, I can hardly wait to share them with y'all! 

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