Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's In The Details

I've just been playing with my camera, experimenting with light, background, subjects, etc. and I'm discovering that photography, like jewelry design, is all in the details!  The things that make a jewelry piece special are the smallest, intricate design additions, such as unique beads, etched jump rings or varying materials.  With photography, it's about the angle, the slant of sunlight, how far or close away you position yourself from your subject and I could go on and on.  Much to learn with my new and exciting toy!  Have a beautiful weekend, and enjoy all the small details that come your way!


Kiki said...

Wow Sheila...spellbinding eyecandy and such gorgeous photos..your treasures look dazzling and fabulous! Such beauty and talent!! AWESOME!! more more!

Pretty Things said...

Wow, yummy photos! And a great post.

I've been playing with my camera and I hope my new website (HOPE to launch it in a few weeks) will show better photos!